Against moral or sexual harassment, assaults, rapes, blackmails, swindles, false testimonies, induced memories...

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The Witness Angel is your judicial testimony, irrefutable and inviolable.
It acts like a digital memory, but which can never be accessed outside a proper judicial complaint.
Thanks to its innovative write-only encryption, it overcomes the opposition between protection of privacy and recording of judicial proofs.

  • Protects you and your loved ones
  • Safeguards your privacy
  • Prevents denials of justice and judicial errors

Open Source

Anyone can audit what our software does, and contribute to this life-changing effort.

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We use multiple high-grade algorithms backed by distributed key systems, and prepare for post-quantum security.


Citizens keep full control of what/when to record, and where to store their encrypted data.

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When does the Witness Angel especially shine?

  • sexual harassment
    Sexual Harassment
  • moral harassment
    Moral Harassment
  • physical abuse
    Physical Abuse

Want to know more?

This site is under construction, but in the meantime you can read the essay which started it all (also available in French language).

You can also get more insight on technical aspects thanks to the PyConFr 2019 slideshow of the project.

A crowfunding campaign will begin early 2020, in France, to support the development of the Witness Angel in all its aspects (technical, legal, communication, internationalization...).

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The Witness Angel is a large project, which could revolutionize the way our sociey protects its most vulnerable members: victims of swindling, harassment, abuse, or worse.

If you're interested in participating, in a way or another, or if you know organizations which could benefit from this new concept, please contact us by using the information below.